Автор: Lisa Davidson

As Paris became my home and France my second country, their tales of travel — from Odessa to Moscow, on to Paris and then America — risk and courage, and their marvelous instincts, began to haunt me. Some of these events I understand: Ralph and I live as foreigners; we, too are bringing up children in a multicultural environment. Some are funny; others are so frightening, however, that I can only hope that neither we nor our children will ever have to face anything comparable. I know the places Baboushka and Dedoushka describe in Paris, I walk the same streets — the same cherry trees are in blossom on the Champs de Mars right now. I’ve shared Paris with Richard, Dedoushka’s brother, who lived through many of these stories himself. Russia, however, especially this Russia of revolution and chaos, has always been far more elusive. After sifting through page after page of transcribed tapes, I was astonished at the clarity with which Baboushka and Dedoushka remembered events that happened so long ago. And for me, their stories finally bring to life a half-forgotten past.